Thursday, October 11, 2012

Minutes for October 2, 2012 Meeting

Kings dominion!

The group has voted and a date has been set October 26th 2012

There will be a form emailed to all group members for us to use the school vans.

Tricks using OneNote with Chase

How to get text from images without using Acrobat software(on windows)
First copy text image with the "snipping tool" or you can using the screen snipping tool built into Microsoft OneNote
Then paste image into a blank document on OneNote
OneNote will automatically do an OCR scan but you can make sure by right clicking the image and selecting "Make Text in Image Searchable"
You can then right click and select "Copy text from image" or "Edit alt text" to make sure OneNote reads the text right
Learning Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is probably one of the most overlooked applications in the Microsoft Office package. There are several things you can use OneNote for other than these little tools it offers.
Microsoft OneNote is used to keep an organized assortment of journals and notes about anything you wish. While printing a document from a different application you can even send that particular text or image document via print options to Microsoft OneNote.
Prof. Z

Putty program
Server redirecting by choosing a server to be routed through.
Enables you to bypass restricted sites, if done enough it becomes near impossible to trace.
Firefox portable

A portable internet browser you can have stored on your flash drive
Comes with a built in email client that automatically obtains emails from any email account you set up on the application

Next meeting: 10/16/2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Minutes for September 25, 2012 Meeting





-CalcPI program

-How to make computer hack proof
-Encryption stuff
-Someone can bring in a computer to optimize it
-Setting up a standard home network
-Prof Z demonstrations

-George Washington Arlington, DC, or Mason Campus
-Micron factory
-Electronic arts facility around here perhaps?

-Pumpkin patch
-Scheduled park picnic third week of October
-Rec center
-Laser quest
-Bowling alley
-Halloween Haunt

-Cyber Security speech in theater 09/29/2012 10:00am
-Next ITIG meetings: 10/02/2012 & 10/16/2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

Minutes for March 21, 2012 Meeting

Veterans Day Park Minutes

Thanks to everyone who brought food!

We had a great time chatting about IT related information such as GMU making some changes to how they accept some of NOVA's credits, we also learned that the microchip factory meeting on March 27th has been cancelled.

We also had a fun time playing kickball; Team 1 v Team 2. Each team put up a good fight but in the end, team two prevailed.  What a fun day! Hope to see everyone again on April 4th.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Minutes for February 29, 2012 Meeting

Prof Z Presentations:
Volumouse- Use mouse to control volume
How to use scroll wheel on mouse
Resume talks- the good, the bad, and the ugly
            Things to not do: don’t use third person, don’t say you’re qualified for everything, don’t put a picture of yourself, and don’t use a hard to read font. Keep everything easy to read, and organized. Be careful with your reputation. Get people to help you with your resume, even people with phd’s cannot write resumes.
Rita’s Presentation: Henna design
Dates to remember
Next meeting- March 21st, Veterans Park Bar b que, Around 12:30
March 27th, 1:30, Microchip factory tour
April 5th, GMU tour
Ideas for stuff to come at next meetings
Birthday stuff
Properly secure a wireless router
Pc tune up by Amit
Mac tutorial
Music production software
Mac cleanup and performance
Putty- how to use
Apache web server
Dreamweaver site tune up

Monday, February 20, 2012

Minutes for February 15 Meeting

First things first, it has been decided that resume critiquing will be in March or April.
Rita is now the new secretary
Kevin’s Presentation-
Photoshop presentation centered on making a space related desktop.
Prof Z’s Presentation -
o Windows password “recovery” tools
o   Abyss Web server that runs off a USB – very helpful
Things that were discussed this meeting:
o   Everyone needs to get to know their peers better
o   Make more connections
o   Plan to meet outside of meeting hours
o   Student centered, student run
o   Learn valuable skills
Presentations for next meeting-
o   Rita
o   Yemariam
Dates to remember:
o   March 27th, Microchip Factory Trip, 1:00 meet in 318b
o   April 5th, George Mason Campus Tour, meet in 318b
o   February 29th, outdoor meeting at Veterans Park, if weather permitting

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Minutes for January 18 Meeting


Introduction- emails of new members collected

Election of Phil as New VP

Logo decided- posted on blog

deciding to want to try to visit the micro factory some time this semester

Prof. Z TrueCrypt demonstration

Amit's Guest speaker presentation- government security clearance

Taylor's Linux presentation

Stuxnet videos

Monday, January 16, 2012

IT Interest Group Meeting Jan 18, 2012

Presentations for this meeting:
Demo – Prof. Zahadat
Drive Mapping  
Useful for copying files to your home computer while away

How to download Linux onto a flash drive
 - Please bring a flash drive if you would like hands on

Pirating (Stealing from the air)

How to share documents/folders over the internal network

Discuss our logo.  Many thanks to Taylor for designs

We will also discuss the following:

Visit GWU and GMU
Visit Micro factory
Go to business and inquire on becoming partnership
Pick a date to have a representative come to evaluate our resumes
Pick a date to have Professor Shade speak on “How to search for Federal and Government jobs”
Organize some outdoor/recreational activities
Request past graduate students that have taken IT occupation to come and speak on their current experiences.
Access to the student Library
More in depth with Linux